Welcome to Elite Offices
Global supplier of solutions ofmimatics

Welcome to Elite Offices
Global supplier of solutions ofmimatics

Welcome to Elite Offices
Global supplier of solutions ofmimatics

Welcome to Elite Offices
Global supplier of solutions ofmimatics

Welcome to Elite Offices
Global supplier of solutions ofmimatics

Technical service

Unite synergies to make it simple and practical.

After-sales service is one of the aspects we take care of in Elite, and for this reason we offer our customers a total availability for technical inquiries: repair of faults, attention of consultations on the operation and maintenance of photocopiers, printers, faxes , Multifunction digital equipment and other devices that we market, as well as recommendations to extract the best performance from each machine.

In the event that the contents of this section do not fit your problem, you can contact Elite's technical service directly via e-mail.

In this section you can find the following sections:

Office Service

Here we offer you the best solution for your company, if you need technical service.

Computer Service

We solve your computer problems and connectivity.

Requests and consumables

Everything that keeps your computers running.

Your best team to help make a difference

Technical issues

All the teams throughout their life request technical assistance, before problems of codes of error, dirt, etc. To continue working, we have the means to solve it.

Preventive Maintenance

If you are one of the companies that want to prevent and lengthen the life of your teams, we will give you the best option.

Budget repair

It is customary, when we have a problem, we need to quantify the amount of it and the options we have.

Technical support of the equipment

It has a specialized team when you need, support for any of your teams.

Correct maintenance

It turns a corrective service into a security guarantee that will last in time.

Wide range of computer services to meet our customers' maintenance and implementation requirements

Computer maintenance

We have different levels of assistance and services that we adapt to the needs of our clients.

Servers, PCs and peripherals

Everything you need to set up your operational infrastructure, for this we work with the main manufacturers in the market.

We manage your network with devices of any brand

A well-managed network is one that maintains its operation, with optimum levels of quality.

Consultations and budgets

If you require our help, or need a quote, contact us.

Implementation of fixed and mobile networks

When you think of networks, you will have at your side the company that can perform such a complete installation

Solutions to the connectivity of the equipment

We not only offer you the equipment, but also your global and optimized integration, your network, your equipment, your solution.

Your Private Cloud

We configure your business and private cloud according to the needs you require.

The life of the equipment is its consumable. Do not miss it!

Office Supplies

It has the company that will best meet the price = quality + service equation.

Consumables for maintenance-free equipment

We have a high stock of consumables of different brands to satisfy the requirements of our customers.


Daily delivery service


We offer alternatives according to typologies of work and duration of consumables for each situation.

Our brands

Need help with your printer?

Please contact our technical team.

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