Welcome to Elite Offices
Global supplier of solutions ofmimatics

Welcome to Elite Offices
Global supplier of solutions ofmimatics

Welcome to Elite Offices
Global supplier of solutions ofmimatics

Welcome to Elite Offices
Global supplier of solutions ofmimatics

Welcome to Elite Offices
Global supplier of solutions ofmimatics

Welcome to Elite Offices
Global supplier of solutions ofmimatics


Walking together towards the digital transformation of your company

Help-ITDOC Solution

The security of getting answers to what you need

Every company needs to have a direct line with a service capable of solving all the daily problems that arise during a working day, an incidence can not stop the business processes, be it security issues, applications, office equipment, etc., For this we offer:

  • Specialized resources
  • Knowledge of methodologies and tools
  • Immediate response
  • Wide working hours, adapted to each client
  • Looking for customer satisfaction
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    AUDIDOC solution

    It will allow us to know the costs originated in the printing and management of the current documents. Watching:

  • Study of current devices and locations.
  • Study of the various functionalities of each team, user, department, location, etc.
  • Study of direct and indirect costs.
  • Study of security levels of document flow.
  • Study of the documentary processes, such as: typologies of works, loads, qualities, etc.
  • Conclusion: Proposal for improvement that includes a more efficient management of the equipment and documents.

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    CONTROLDOC Solution

    Guaranteed savings and productivity

    With this solution we offer companies the control and management of their impressions, integrates applications so that the management of the devices and of the users is simplified to the maximum, we introduce in the company the concept of Internet of the things, obtaining the following advantages:

  • Overview of equipment.
  • Automation of meter readings.
  • Know who, where and when you print.
  • Know how much each job costs before printing.
  • Track toner consumption.
  • Automatic request, from the equipment itself, of the consumable without the intervention of the user.
  • Automatic sending of incidents and warnings of failure.
  • Security and confidentiality of documents on the computers.
  • Establish printing policies that improve environmental standards in the company.
  • Easy management through web environments.
  • Compatible with cloud solutions (Google Drive).
  • Adaptable to each company.
  • Creation of private clouds for use in companies.
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    GESTIDOC Solution

    With our document management solutions we facilitate the flow and security of your business information and documents.

  • Integrated system with multifunction equipment.
  • Ease of handling and use.
  • Designed to minimize errors and protect documents.
  • Advanced document searches.
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    Sectoral Solutions

    In our long experience with our clients, we have sought and found multiple integrations that have allowed us to offer very diverse sectoral solutions, among which we find:

  • Sectoral solutions for notaries.
  • Integrated solutions for registrars.
  • Integration and control solutions for the educational sector (schools, HEI and university).
  • Diverse solutions integrating equipment and software for the public administration (Hospitals, Town halls, etc.).
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    Outsourcing services

    The security of getting answers to what you need

    We have the material and human resources with which to carry out the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services required, with the main objective of seeking efficiency and savings in the required processes.:

  • Billing Processes.
  • Document management and custody.
  • Documentation digitalization.
  • Customer service center.
  • Data Recording.
  • Management of shared service centers.
  • Access control.
  • Video surveillance.
  • Outsourcing of professional staff.
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    ERP and CRM for employees

    ERP. The perfect tool to improve your company's decision making

    Application package specialized in small and medium enterprises. Developed with latest generation technologies. Our enterprise ERP is compatible with any operating system and with the PostgreSQL standard (92, 99, 2003, 2008).

    • Effective management of the product, from the need generated by the order to the customer, to the sales forecast based on sales history.
    • Optimization of procurement costs and efficient stock management, with corresponding minimum, maximum, obsolete, etc. controls. Best purchase price.
    • Total control of stocks in different warehouses with support of hand terminals and bar code readers.
    • Effective planning of delivery routes and dates, assignments to customers.
    • Sales strategy based on the global and individualized supervision of the commercial department, with its forecasts, budgets and deviations.
    • Analyze zones, products, customers and commercials, allowing us to glimpse trends by adopting the decisions that allow us to reorient our strategy in real time.
    • Perfect control of the financial status of your company.

    The CRM Your Customers require

    CRM adapts to your management model and provides you with tools that help your agents and processes.

    The company must work to know the needs of the client and, thus, to be able to anticipate and improve the quality of care. Customizing the message will increase the effectiveness of your actions.

    • Optimize your operating costs
    • Increase the productivity of your business team.
    • Effectively reduce the administrative tasks of your company so that they can dedicate themselves to closing more negotiations.
    • Eliminate your share of lost customers by increasing the expense of them. Turn your potential customers into real with ease.
    • Develop results reports and statistical listings to improve decision making.
    • Increase your customer data with high value information.
    • Convert your mailing campaigns into personalized communications automatically.
    • Provide your commercial department with our powerful opportunity management tool.
    • Get a quick return on your investment.
    • Let the program advise you of customers who need commercial attention.
    • Configure commercial alerts so you do not lose any management.
    • Tailor the program to fit your business model like no other.
    • A simple and intuitive interface will favor the acceptance of the tool by its commercial agents.
    • Check how easy it is to sell more, serving better.
    • Turn your sales management into the key to your success.
    • Increase your productivity by implementing our solution: Addclient CRM.
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